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What Perception Users Have of Computer Security


For many years we have all been educated to buy security for our Windows computer and companies have been offering many products and solutions to fight against viruses and online threats.

Once purchased and activated, we have all trusted that our antivirus would do the job. Nowadays, however, with the rise of sophisticated malaware, the antivirus is not eough to drive our computer far from infections. The truth of the matter is that we have all believed that the antivirus would have been a strong superman-firewall that gets rid of the evil, but the bottomn line is that nowadays the operating systems are weak per se and we should not pretend the antivirus be the sole cure.

It is time to understand that at any level of IT security, the battle against malaware cannot be fought solo: an IT expert needs to work on multiple platforms and resources to strengthen the security of the systems. Windows, Macs and Linux are all vulnerable and security is nothing else than the process that makes all these systems less vulnerable as possible.

Security as it is now is going to disappear soon because it is based on the idea of product: companies buy a bundle and the idea that the bundle is secure. Security will shift from product to a service because it will need more and more high levels of customizations that one or two standalone products can never offer.

A new Chief IT security Officer will be a multitasking person that will impart directions to his team on how to secure systems and make them shielded from infections. The disappointment I see in my clients shows that the time for a new awaraness is ripe.

Users should also think that security is an ongoing maintenance process and not a simple scan of a computer made with an antivirus. Fortunately, an entire set of tools are available today to find out vulnerabilities and to suggest a better protection. I believe that this website should be devoted to an unusual topic: how to use multiple solutions to avoid malware in our network.