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Want to Add a Second Monitor to your Computer?

Some of our Westchester clients, especially those working in White Plains New York, have their employees requesting to the IT department to add a second monitor to their desktop computers. The reason of their request is that originally computers purchased by these companies had a 22 inches screen that over time have become insufficient in handling the multiple windows opened after having upgraded to Windows 10.
Adding a second monitor to your computer sounds pretty easy but it involves some study of the parts involved and of the connectors used to hook them up to the machine. The following list can help users figure out what is needed and will give our best advice on how to get this task done.

– Check your Main Monitor

Ask yourself what type of monitor your computer has and if you want a monitor of the same brand. Based on our experience, it will be better to get a second monitor of a different brand otherwise it will be more complicated to distinguish the monitors at the moment of extending the displays on Windows 7 or 10.



– Check the Monitor Cables

It is a good idea to see where the wires lead to in your computer. You may have the first monitor with a VGA adapter and the second monitor may only support DVI adapters. So, how do you connect the second monitor to the other available ports on your computer? The answer follows.

– You May Need an Adapter

If the second monitor termination is a DVI, VGA or HDMI and your computer has only a USB or a Display Port available, you would need an adapter that converts the signal from the termination cable to the computer. Adapters are today pretty cheap; there are also adapters that are multi-port. Once you buy a multi-port adapter you can be almost sure that it will fit in one of the ports of your machine.




– You May Need Additional Software


Sometimes, even after having done all the connections properly, the second monitor does not still work. Usually Windows 7 and 10, at the moment of plugging in a monitor, they download automatically the drivers of the make and model of the second monitor, but if that does not happen, you may need to write down the make and model of the second monitor and download the required software manually from the monitor manufacturer.
Reboot the computer and you should be ready to go. If your monitor does not display your computer, call Pc Doctor Westchester for diagnostics.