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Top 5 Windows Cleaning Tools

If your computer has been affected by malware and has become sluggish, you may want to consider to clean it up with the tools the Internet community generally recommends. The software we suggest to use are free and you can still keep them as freebies, as long as you set up a cleaning schedule and monitor your computer hygiene frequently. The cleaning software are a complement to the antivirus you already have and cannot run as standalone products.


Antiviruses today cannot do that much to stop malware. However, you can use your judgement and replace it with a product that can protect your computer as much as possible. If you have MacAfee or Norton, consider replacing them and use instead, Sophos or Eset Nod 32. Both these products have built-in protection against PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs): PUP get installed as browser extensions and redirect your browser navigation towards bad sites.


Malware Bytes


The California company that owns and produces Malware bytes had improved last year the User Interface (GUI) of its popular software, releasing Malware Bytes version 3.0. Among the new feature, a better design help users understand what is enabled and what services instead require a subscription. Worth noting is the possibility to toggle on and off the anti-rootkit feature, which makes malware bytes a comprehensive product. The web protection feature is an added value in that it can help the user distinguish between the good and the bad on the Internet.


ADW Cleaner
In 2016 Malware bytes purchased the software ADW Cleaner which is a tool that fights against adware. As soon as you download the product, the software is not really getting installed on your computer but it starts hunting down the malicious ads that are pestering your browser. In a few seconds, this powerful product will get rid of the junk that slows down your browser navigation after having rebooted your windows computer or laptop.





Super AntiSpyware


Another category of infections can harm your machine are spyware. The right product that can eliminate spyware and tracking cookies is Super Antispyware. This software can remove even the worst spyware that is hijacking your computer and has also anti-pup capabilities. Even if you don’t want to pay for the full version, you can still use extra services like deleting files that are hard to remove and restore the registry to the status it was before being attacked by malware. Another cool feature of this software is the system investigator that allows users to remove bad browser plugins and dangerous extensions.


Chrome Cleanup Tool


As Chrome is becoming more and more popular, web developers are designing extensions that sometimes do more harm than good. Recently Google has announced its crack down on shady extensions posted on the Chrome Web store, but as it was not enough, Google has also implemented a Chrome Cleanup Tool that scans and remove software that is responsible for browser slowdowns and crashes. At the end of the scan Chrome Cleanup Tool will reset the browser settings without getting rid of your bookmarks.


For all the above mentioned products, once the scan is finished, it is recommended to reboot the computer. The sharp increase of malware infections every year makes the use of these tools almost mandatory. However, the products just described should be used every two weeks and in addition to the existing antivirus program your computer should already have.