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Tips for Scanning to a Network Folder

Are you having hard time scanning to a network folder in your office? Last week we visited a client of ours in White Plains who has a small office and he was unable to get his network printer to work for scanning over his network. Try to troubleshoot the following steps before getting your printer to work:

– Check if Your Printer is connected to the Network

Check the connection of the printer to the network via Ethernet cable or WIFI. The connection over Ethernet is preferable as the signal is stronger and steadier.

– Check if it has picked up an IP address

Once the printer is connected to the network you, should be able to see from the printer control panel if the printer has picked up an IP address. Once you see the IP address, make sure that it is in the same IP range of the other IPs assigned by the router. For example if your network sits on an IP range, make sure that the printer has one of the 254 addresses. If it has another IP address such as, the printer is on another network and there will be no way for the computer in the office to be able to print from that printer.




– Static or Dynamic IP?

Being an office, it is always recommended to assign a static ip to the printer and to print its IP address on a label printer and stick it on one side of the printer.

– Computer and Laptops

Go to the computer unable to print and log in with the assigned ip to the printer interface. The interface will show you a menu with other functions such as software and drivers to download and possibly a guided tutorial to create a network folder. If there is no guided tutorial on the printer interface, please refer to the printer manual.

– Getting to Scan to a Network Folder

On your computer create a folder and right click on it selecting properties and sharing. Once you share the folder click on advanced sharing and make sure that all the NTFS permissions are enabled for your user account. Copy the path of your folder into the printer interface and you should be able to scan to a network folder. To see if you have been successful on this task, go to the printer and see in its control panel if you see your folder. If you do not see it, go to the next step.

– Disable for a few Minutes the Antivirus on your Computer

If you have an antivirus with a firewall enabled, such as Mac Afee, disable it  temporarily or create a network rule to allow the incoming connection from your printer. Reboot your computer and now you should be able to scan to your network folder. Antiviruses with their firewalls often override Windows firewall making impossible to scan to a network folder.