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The IT Quiz

Are you a WiFi Expert?

Windows Server

Reset Password on MAC

What Is the Device Used to Back Up your Computer?

Which Function Key is used for Safe Mode?

What Is the Name of the File System Recognized by Mac and Windows?

What is the Purpose of a KVM Switch?

What is a Synonyn for IP Address?

What is the Purpose of NAT?

On Linux What is the Command to Get to Root Aka Super Administrator?

What is the Best Way to Backup Locally an Iphone?

What is the Max Range of Bluetooth?

What is the Port Used by the SMTP Server?

What Are the Main Connections of a Business Printer?

What is the Name of the Backup Utility Built in Windows 10?

What is the Form Factor of a Traditional Gaming Motherboard?

I Have a DVI Monitor and a VGA Video Card: How Can I Connect the Two?

How a M.2 Hard Drive Is Connected to the Motherboard?

How Would you Describe the Principle of the Least Privilege?

What is the Name of the Service that Excludes Websites from Being Visited?

How Many Ethernet Ports are Usually in the Back of an Access Point?

Which of These is True regarding Data Recovery on Windows 10?

What Tools Is Used on Windows to Restart an Antivirus Program?

What is the Best Way to Improve a Low Wireless Signal on a Laptop?

What is the Cause of Garbled Text on a Printer Output?