Office 365 is the most recent productivity suite that came out in 2015 to boost home, small business and enterprise productivity. For those who want to know more about it, Office 365 is:

– Web based

– Cloud based

– Subscription based

The productivity suite for business allows a maximum of 300 users. For more than 300 users, an Enterprise subscription is required.

The most important feature that Microsoft offers with this new product is that the software can be downloaded from users’ Office 365 account and can be installed in your computer allowing to use Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook within a few minutes, but if the computer crashes, the software can be downloaded again for unlimited times. The subscription for home users allows to use Office 365 on maximum five devices, whereas the business version of it allows to install the software on five devices per user.

For example, a business user can install Office 365 on a pc running Windows, on an Ipad and even on a smartphone, no matter if it is an android or an Iphone.

Having a cloud based subscription has the advantage of removing administration overhead: patches and bug fixes are all taken care of by Microsoft. No more servers, no more reboot and other tasks for network administrators: Office 365 is always there ready to serve its subscribers online and locally.

A subscription service makes also more convenient to scale the product: if a company has 50 users, it will pay only for fifty users who will be also able to download and install Office 365 for business on five devices per user.

Also, what is really winning is the fact that with One Drive, Microsoft is able to offer 1TB of storage per user on its cloud platform, which is very interesting and tantalizing as well.

As we live in a world of apps, Office 365 can become a really cool product if it is combined with other cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, which is the cloud service that replaces Active Directory on a bare metal Windows server.

For example, the creation or deletion of entire groups of email accounts can also be managed from the Azure Active Directory Portal. Similarly, file sharing within One Drive can be easily managed in both interfaces, Office 365 and Azure.

At the moment of signing up for the service, you will get a tenant name that ends with the extension The purpose of this sub-domain is to assign you a temporary user name. You may want to assign a custom domain name you own and begin using Office 365 to its fullest capabilities.

If you add your own domain to Office 365, it may take up to 48 hours to propagate DNS and MX record changes.

The convenience of a such service is huge: it helps saving time in setting up mailbox users and in retaining their data once they are dismissed from a company. Furthermore, if the computer crashes, the emails are on the cloud and will be downloaded again as soon as Outlook is installed and configured again.

Another cool feature of Office 365 is the possibility to import up to 5 email accounts and use the 50 GB of space you have at disposal. If you have a gmail or a hotmail personal account, Office 365 allows you to group all the emails on