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Our Computer and IT Services

Pc Doctor Westchester New York has a wide variety of IT services that encompass any field related to the computer science.

Computer Repair
When computers are no more responsive our job comes into play. We can come pick up and drop off your computer and perform a thorough diagnosis of the issues encountered at the moment of the infection. We charge a fair price and if we will not be able to fix your devices, you will not be charged. We do not have hidden fees or surcharges of any type, since we like to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

Apple Computers Repair
Mac machines are almost close to perfection, but sometimes they are prone to have issues such as they become slow and have software related problems. We love Macs and would like to suggest you to contact us if you want to add more memory to boost your productivity.

Linux Computer Repair
Linux OS is a set of more than thirty distros that can be easily installed on any computer. The beauty of Linux is in its code and in its absence to viruses’ exposure. Linux is still an almost unknown operating system but we suggest its installation if you want to have a safer Internet experience or an old computer that you want o get rid of. Old computers rejuvenate and gain 20% speed if a Linux OS is installed.

Network Security
Security is a must and not an afterthought. Everything that is online is not 100% safe. Therefore, we consult home and businesses on how to find the right network security solution that puts together scalability and reliability at the same time. Security is not just an antivirus or a firewall being set up, but a high level of customization of any device that can bring to a peace of mind in the future.

Virus Removal
Yes, as we have done in the past we are also able o remove viruses by hand and without the help of software. We deeply know the computer processes that can harm the CPU and consequently the operating systems that we have attained a high level of knowledge on what can harm a machine, no matter what OS is installed. If your computer is infected, we’d like to hear from you about your Internet education background and your browsing habits so that we can give you our best tips on how to avoid those problem happening again.

Computer Maintenance
We will never stop saying that computers are like cars. Their maintenance is a task that needs to be done on a monthly basis. Deleting unnecessary files and software can help speed and makes smooth your computer experience overall. Contact us to know more about our computer maintenance programs.

Data Backup
90% of the Internet users do not back up their files. However, with the rising of cloud services like Sky Drive and Google Drive, more people are aware that their files are extremely important and can be downloaded and synchronized to our computers. It’s a first step towards safety, although every time you buy a computer, the disk with the OS does not come with your purchase. Call us to know and be educated about the different types of backup we offer and can implement for you.

Wireless Network Protection
With the rising number of handhelds and smartphone per house/office, wireless network are always under stress. Their security today relies on our routers or extenders, but that is not enough to stop attackers from breaching in. We can help tighten your wireless router and make sure that intruders stay outside of your network.