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Pros and Cons of Cleaning Computer Systems


In a previous post we have discussed the symptoms of a computer that slows down and does not perform well anymore. Cleaning a computer has more pros than cons and the advantages undoubtedly outlast the cons.

First of all, a clean computer gains the speed for which it has been built: if you have bought a Core I7 that has 4 or 6 cores but that after a while gets clogged with more files and programs than you really need, you will not be able to enjoy its performance.

Efficiency is also a feature that can describe a clean computer. Cleaning a computer does not mean also scanning for virus and malware but also archiving the files we don’t need and putting in order the desktop screen. Studying, paying the bills, searching for friends, you can do swiftly all these things if your computer runs more efficiently.

A clean computer means also a reliable computer. If all the cleaning tasks have been properly executed, the system will be more stable over time because it has less load and will be less prone to lose is data.

The cons of cleaning a computer, especially if it is a Windows system, can be time consuming and requires a steep learning curve. Most people clean their computers while they are still working, but I suggest to do so before going to bed: as a matter of fact, multiple cleaning tools can run at the same time, as our processors are multi-threading cores and can handle multitasking pretty well. Do not worry to leave your pc on and go to bed: it is the right move to do to regenerate yourself and your machine.

The entire purpose of cleaning your computer is to create an environment in which you can use your programs effectively and efficiently. If your programs do not run well, the value of your computer decreases.

Cleaning a computer requires also a deep understanding of what cleaning tools to use and what other not to use at all. There are a lot of paid programs out there but pc doctor recommends the use of good freebies and you can contact us for the right advice here in Westchester County.