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Phablet VS Laptop? Who is the Winner?


   Since Apple decided to tap into the market shares owned by Samsung with its gigantic Iphone 6 Plus, many users are opting towards a larger phone. But, what are users really looking for when they buy a phablet? Are they looking to replace their laptop or they simply want to see things bigger? For the sake of truth, even before the Iphone 6 plus, Samsung has launched the Note 4 which is really a huge phone and is much faster than the Samsung 4 and 5. In our opinion, however, although the laptop market is shrinking, phablets are not ready to replace laptops for some core functions such as:

Writing Papers: if you are in college and you need to write papers, the laptop is the only device that can really get things done for you. Hours and hours at the computer cannot be properly spent working with a small device such as a phablet.

– Video Editing: pahblets like phones are good for video browsing and small edits, but never for professional editing, task that requires more cores and a super charged I5 or I7 inches machines. In this case, the bigger, the better.

– Multitasking: phablets and their browsers can still do one thing at the time: browsing the Internet and talking via Skype are still two separate tasks in a phone with the impossibility to run them together. A four cores laptop can do even three tasks at the time, if it has a powerful cpu and lots of memory.

– Back up Tasks: Phablets are still built with the aim at pleasing and surprising users for their features but not that much to help them save their data or pictures. The versatility of a laptop allows instead to run software that can easily accomplish the task of saving precious information to external hard drives or to a cloud service.

– Too Many Apps: If it is true that users do not need one million app, on the other hand it is also true that most of these apps are junky applications. Users spend too much time downloading junkware that gets installed into their phones. Too many apps clog the storage of the phablet that is still too small to face the growing number of data and apps that gets downloaded every day on each phablet. Smartphones, altough are computers, they were not designed to be understood as computers by the users. Users still have hard time figuring out how much storage has been used and how much it is left, whereas on a traditional laptop, the popular computer icons can tell us a lot of information about the space left in the hard drive.

Battery Still Too Weak: Me myself I had to get an aftermarket supercharged battery for my Samsung S4 because after one year my phone died out in the late afternoon, forcing me to find an outlet for the evening calls. Too bad. Maybe the new technology of the aluminum batteries will be able to create long lasting batteries so that our phablet’s daily life will last longer. Laptops, on the other hand, can carry 3-6-9 cells batteries that can make our lives easier if we travel or are in a place with no outlets.

And the winner is? Well, even the laptop has its drawbacks, such as its large size and the fact that most of its hardware will not last that long, but if you really need to perform a task that does not require any typo or mispelling and you need to pay attention to what you are doing, working on a laptop is the only way to go.