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Pc Doctor’s Cloud Platforms to Grow and Secure your Business

All businesses today should have a cloud service: whether or not they are small or large, a cloud service can be very effective during a disaster recovery and in saving money in terms of storage.
The public sector today has still rules into place that does not allow it to put storage data on the cloud; we believe that this approach is fundamentally wrong and old fashioned because it does not take into account the benefits of relying on a cloud platform.
Let’s first make a clear distinction between two types of cloud services:

Public Cloud: this service is the most popular today and goes under the names of Google Drive, Icloud, Microsoft One Drive. What this service does for a fee is storage and sharing among a group of users of files a folders. However, as those servers are not owned nor maintained by the business that pays for it, the server is shared with other businesses and personal accounts. The downside of this type of business model is that if the server is hacked, there is the chance that all the data of that server can be compromised.

– Private Cloud: a private cloud is a service that is entirely built by the company who will share its data on its servers. Simply put, a private cloud service is a bunch of computers that are organized within the same company network only to share data from within that network but with the help of the Internet. The burden of securing the data on a private cloud falls on the network administrators of the company that runs that network.

Simply put, if in a public cloud the fee paid for the services includes the trust clients have that the cloud hosting company is not getting breached, in a private cloud environment, on the other hand, are needed consistent investments to secure the network that runs the private cloud.

The cloud is a service that allows to store and quickly retrieve data of a company in storage units that are accessible through the Internet. The Internet is the big deal in this type of business infrastructure because it does not matter if data were entered at headquarters or at a subsidiary overseas. The cloud allows a business to timely view its performance across sales, bookings and billings.

As a result, a cloud platform eliminates the need of substantial capital expenditure that would instead have allocated to buy servers, software, application and hire more people. The cloud is a sustainable form of business because it is a scalable endeavor. There is a prce for everybody and for every need.

During critical moments such as network failures and downtimes, a cloud service will implement backup restore and files retrieval to minimize the damages and the productivity lost after a business disruption.

A Cloud service is not just about reducing IT spending. It is about reallocating the IT budget from maintenance to focus on helping the business innovate and on dedicating more resources to making it more secure. Cloud delivery is a game changer, enabling IT to move from operational to strategic and shape the future direction of the business.