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Owning a Computer in Westchester New York ?


   The demographics where a computer business such as Pc Doctor Westchester operates can constitute a basis for a broader reflection on how families and small business use their own networks. Pc Doctor is based in Bronxville NY and has 10708 as zip code.

In general terms, Westchester NY is a county with a solid medium-high household income that uses, for its computing experience, more Macs than Windows computers; on the other hand, Westchester users very often have to deal with issues related to the wireless coverage of their homes and offices. What we found out during our support sessions in Westchester is the following:

Windows Users: this type of users often have 4-5 years old computers running Windows 7. The computers bave not been cleaned or updated via Windows Update and most of the times, Windows users do not care about backing up their files. When their computer crashes or dies out, they call us to recover the files and do not care that much about being back to work with the same machine.

Mac Users: since Macs normally do not get infected by viruses, users call Pc Doctor to solve other types of issues, such as the removal of browser popups or the upgrade of more memory to speed up their slow Macs. One of the main foundational strengths of PC Doctor is to educate users not to use their Mac laptops as desktop computers, stuffing them up with thousands of songs and files on Itunes. Unfair to the Mac machine itself, that soon or later will not be able to withstand the overload.

– Mac Syncing and Ipad: we have also troubleshooted syncing problems betwen several Apple devices such as Iphones and Ipads and have solved calendar syncing issues that require a steeper learning curve and are not for the average user.

Wireless Issues: nowadays many families are composed of two parents and 2-3 children aged 10 to 12 years old. That means at least six to ten devices connected to a wireless network within a large house. Nothing against that because we love kids too, but their parents are often frustrated because the wireless signal is poor or does not cover all the floors of the house. We have been successfully solving these problems by installing and configuring beam forming technology routers and extenders that can get to the wireless device directly without wasting signal across the rooms of the house.

– DIY Computers: Children are very proficient in school and are always eager to learn. When I had their age, I asked my dad to give me a book as a present after having successfully completed my school year in June. But today children love electronics and ask their parents to fund them with computer parts that they want to assemble in order to make a gaming rig. Most of the time they fail to build these monsters because they have not studied each hardware part enough and have not conducted tests on much cheaper components. As a result, these boys call Pc Doctor to clear up the mess that they have been creating inside the computer case. We have put a big smile on their face by calling them back after a couple of days announcing that their gaming beast is ready to scream its power again.