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Network Security

Securying a network today is the hardest job ever, because to secure a system it is no longer matter of putting an antivirus or an endpoint protection: IT consultants need to envision a mix of solutions that can do the job of protecting a network from the infections coming in.

On the user side, there have been always the perception that an antivirus would have been enough to stop hackers from breaching into networks. Today this statement is a fool assumption becaue online threats have not only increased in number but also in quality and sophistication, making antiviruses almost useless.

Pc Doctor prevents and fights malware adopting a range of solutions that require an ongoing maintenanc eof computer systems. In this scenario, we always recommend any type of user who wants to suffer the least amount of disruptions as possible, to undergo a maintenance program on a monthly basis.

Security is a meaningless platitude and unintelligible marketing literature if it is not well explained by the seller and properly understood by the buyer. This type of business requires a full understanding of its limits and of the ongoing efforts a real security geek should make to make networks less prone to data breaching.

The bottom line is that both users and techies need to communicate via the same concept: that IT security is an infrastructure and a service and no more a product that can be plugged in.

No matter how it is perceived today, security cannot be considered an afterthought. Pc Doctor believes that security is a priority and a delicate process that can help user to get more continuity and more productivity out of a network.