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Need a New Laptop? This is What you Need to Know


The best laptop you can buy is the one that does what you need it to do. To find that machine, you need to have a cold mind and ignore all the sales pressure out there. There is nothing more wrong that being pushed to buy a computer based on brand names.

First of all, thanks to the leaps in software technology, there are even more solutions available now to users compared to the possibilities of ten years ago. Virtualization, for example, allows to run multiple operating systems in one physical computer and to back them up in a fly. In addition, apps from the Apple Store allow users to run Windows operating system on Macs without a itch, given that the life span of a traditional laptop running Windows is no longer than 3 years.

In order to get the right laptop, there are several considerations to make:

– Figure out what you want the computer to do;

– Find the software that can get the job done;

– Match the programs you want to run with the hardware of your new purchase;

– Finally buy the computer

It is very important to think about what the computer needs to do for you before buying it; if you are a web developer who needs to build websites and do video editig, you may want to stick with a Core I7 machine that has at least 8 – 10 GB of memory and 1 TB hard drive. And if you are unable to find a laptop with beefed up hardware, just opt for a desktop instead, since the majority of laptops are still meant to do light computing.

Once that you have a clear idea about what amount of computing power you need, find out what kind of software can run in your machine; if you are using Photoshop or Dreamweaver, you surely will need a more powerful processor and memory to withstand the load of your new machine.

Go to the store and look at the laptops available and see what programs they already run: if they do not run programs you want, check out if your budget will allow extra expenses for what you need. In this case, if for example a new laptop runs Windows but no Microsoft Office, we highly recommend to get the Office-compatible program made by Oracle and called “Libre Office”, which is available for the main three operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac. Saving some money with open source programs will allow you to allocate more funds to the software you really can live without.

One software you may think to run needs to be a back up program. Without backup your computer is exposed to a potentially unrecoverable data loss in case a disaster occurs. There are many backup solutions available today and not having a backup in place is an unforgivable behavior.