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Maintenance Programs

Computer are like cars and that is undeniable. Networks need constant maintenance and defense. From patches to network security assessment, our company is in the front line when it is time to assist our customers. When companies are running their own business, they cannot afford data loss nor network breaches.

Pc Doctor Westchester comes into play with a customized solution that takes care of all the hardware and the software a company runs: by signing up on a maintenance program, the risk of downtime and being hacked is really minimized.

Do not let others sneak into your network, but embrace the maintenance programs that PC Doctor offers. Do not think that an antivirus or a firewall is enough to keep hackers at bay: today sophisticated attacks need sophisticated responses.

We are proficient in all the three main ecosystems: Windows, Apple and Linux and we strive to keep us up to date with the new advances in technology. When we meet new clients, we first educate them about the risks that a business may face if it runs naively credit card processing systems or if it fails to comply with the best security practices.

Security and reliability of network systems are not an afterthought but they should be in the agenda of every serious business owner.