The way in which people work today has changed. Many people work from home and by remoting into company resources such as servers, users can share files and folders with their local computer while sitting at their home desk.

Fortunately, technology today allows to share files and folders no matter if you have a mac and a PC with Windows. It is only matter to do some tweaks in the settings to open up the necessary network paths and make this happen.

Let’s say you have to remote in into a Windows 2008 server and you need to copy a file from that server into your home computer. This tutorial shows how it is done.


– Access Remote Desktop Icon

– Expand the menu “Show Options”

– Go to local resources and Click on More

– Expand the menu that says ” Drives”

– Click on “Local Disk C”

– Click on Connect and connect to the server

– In the Server go to “This PC” and find the folder you want to use to move files and folders to and from the server

– Create a shortcut on the desktop and you are done.

Now you can move back and forth files and folders between a PC and a remote server.

The picture above shows the box you have to check to share folders and files remotely between a windows pc and a windows server.


– Download from the app store Microsoft Remote Desktop

– Open the icon and click on “New”

– Fill out the information with the Server IP and domain user and password

– Go to the tab called “Redirection” and fill out the space with the server path the folder you want to share belongs to

– Click ok and you are done

– Open the Windows server ‘This PC” and you will see a mapped drive of your shared mac folder.

The picture above shows you how to enable the folder redirection on a mac to allow users to drag and drop files and folders from a remote desktop server to a mac and viceversa.