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Laptops Dos and Don’ts


   Believe it or not, a laptop must be in open position for you to use it, no matter if it is a Mac or a Windows machine. How can you work with the screen bent down? This statement is corroborated by the fact that the laptop’s cooling system is designed with the assumption that the lid will stay in open position.

As a matter of fact, when a computer screen breaks, we do not know what’s going on on our laptops and we rush to contact a computer repair service to see what it can do. One sure thing is that if a laptop screen dies out, the machine reaches higher temperatures because its cooling sensors are not working. Therefore the computer does more work than it is supposed to.

One behavior to avoid is to drink coffee, water or eat meals in front of our laptop. When it is time to take a break, get up from your chair, take a walk and go eat your lunch. Do not eat your meal in your workplace. If you spill water on your laptop’s keyboard, you may compromise the entire machine and all your data if they have not been yet backed up.

Do not play online games with your laptop. If you have already games embedded into the operating system, that is totally fine, but if you have a Windows operating system and try to download games on your machine the risk to get infected is pretty high.

Update your laptop frequently. Every week run Windows Update and scan your machine with your antivirus program and with Malware Bytes antimalware. You can also use Secunia PSI to update all at once your main programs instead of doing it manually one by one.

Do not use the battery with the power cord. Use one or the other. One of the main reason why laptop batteries die after one year or so is because users wear them out improperly. Batteries are meant to be used in a conference room or at a lecture where there is no chance of using an outlet for recharge. Moreover, a battery should be recharged only when it arrives at its lowest point, such as 10%. If it is at its 10% plug it in and recharge it until it goes to 100 % and then remove it from your computer.

Do not use your laptop as your main desktop. If you store thousands of songs and thousands of emails, soon or later even a 1 TB hard drive will not suffice anymore to store your information. Get an external hard drive, plug it in via USB and start transfering files that you will archive and will not use anymore.

Put your laptop to bed if you are not using it. A laptop is not like a desktop; it is a fragile machine that cannot withstand too many hours of uninterrupted power on.