For many home and small business users, working from home is considered like killing two birds with one stone: being at home saves money from renting a space for a business and allows to be more productive without traveling to go to a job. In recent years, the expenditure of electronics has spiked considerably due to the fact that homes are not only a work place but also a place for entertainment. Smart TVs with huge screens, Xbox for the kids and other AI devices such as Amazon Alexa and Echo have invaded our homes and helped us to get quick info about weather and answered our questions.

PC Doctor Westchester continues to be involved in advising and implementing home technology devices in the Tristate area and recommends to check the WiFi signal throughout the house before undertaking any purchase of smart devices.

The best way to enjoy a smart home is to have a powerful WiFi signal across the entire house and PC Doctor can recommend the right solution for any home and apartment in Westchester.

We have been visiting customers who called us because they could not connect to Netflix from their Smart TV or because the WiFi doorbell wasn’t working properly or even because cameras installed in different parts of the house received poor WiFi signal. All these issues are related with weak WiFi performance of your home network.

It is also a known fact that users don’t know how to extend properly the WiFi signal in their house and very often plug in WiFi extenders that will work for a while but then stop working because users are unaware of the fact that extenders’ firmware need to be updated at least once a year.

Most of the times, we visit our clients and listen to what they need; we then measure the signal throughout their house and see where their router and extenders are located.

If the client has a subscription with Optimum, we advise to replace the Optimum WiFi router which performs poorly and recommend to replace that router with an Asus 3100 AC router. Simultaneously, we ask clients to check what Internet plan are they paying for, and advise to get on at least a 200 Mbps plan.

After having replaced the main router with a solid router, we get other Asus routers and configure them as access points by using Gigabit powerline adapters. Using powerline to connect different zones of the house allows the Ethernet signal to travel through the electrical wires instead of asking an electrician to run Ethernet wires across the house.

Don’t get us wrong: running Cat 6A wires through the house is the best solution for a home solidly connected to the wifi, but not everybody has the financial resources to devote to hard-wiring their homes. Powerline is a good and inexpensive technology that was introduced 5 years ago and that is still largely in use today. We generally powerline one router configured as access point per floor so that smart Tvs and Ipads can be easily be connected to the home network.

If your home network has a subscription with FIOS, that does not mean that your Internet is faster than Cable. The signal may be faster if you are connected close to the router but once you go upstairs or downstairs, the signal weakens and it performs poorly like an Optimum WiFi router. The solution to get a good signal for Verizon customers is not to get an extender from Verizon but to have another router configured as an access point in another part of the house and connected through powerline. The only difference with Optimum is that the major router may not be replaced in a house that uses Fios whereas it is almost mandatory if the home user has a subscription with Optimum.