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How to Discern the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the Internet


   One of the beauties of the Internet is that it is an uncontrolled platform where users can express themselves. There is no before-publication censorhip, no after-the-fact policing and the same content can be shared among milions of users.

On the other hand, unless a felony is committed, the government cannot shut down a website, for the sake of political or religious orientation. The cyberspace is a humongous galaxy with millions of web pages linked one another where citations send users to more and more available digital resources.

In addition, with the rise of smartphones, people do not even need anymore to surf the web, since applications allow to join services that are connected to the Internet. If, for example, I have to check the timetable of my train, I don’t need to go online to the website of the railway company, but an app installed on my smartphone will accomplish the task of serving on my phones the timetable I need.

The downside of the Internet is that not all the websites are safe as they seem to be. Malware installed in login sessions, fishing scams and many other viruses can hamper users’ browsing experience. In a landscape where every computer tries to get more and more information, it is crucial for a network that connects computers to be protected with the state of the art security.

Pc Doctor wants also to remind that the browser is the first line of defense users should think of in terms of security. By beefing up the security in the browser with the right plugins, there is the chance to expunge malware and malicious ads even before they get installed in the machine. The browser that for us has the best ecosystem in terms of security features is Mozilla Firefox.

Another way to be shielded properly from infections is to properly scan for viruses at the moment of downloading an email attachment. Malicious pdf and word files hide dangerous programs that can be installed in your computer and steal your information. Think about the Zeus Botnet that has been infecting computers for years generating millions of dollars in revenue. If you also want to make sure that the sender of the email sent you an attachment, try to give him a call and see if it is really true: oftentimes, going back to traditional forms of communication can help avoid a disaster.