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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Do you fix all computers?

A: We wish we could, but sometimes unfortunately some computers are unrecoverable because of their age, or because of the physical damages they have. If the computer cannot be fixed you will not have to pay us anything.

Q: Do customers have to drop off their computers?

A: Not necessarily. We can schedule a pick up and drop off of the equipment.

Q: Can PC doctor set up Networks?

A: Yes we can, but in this case the configuration of a router or firewall needs to be done on the premises and cannot be done in our offices.

Q: How long does it take to fix a computer?

A: It depends. Normally it takes two or three days to repair a machine infected by viruses

Q: I have lost all my data: Can Pc Doctor Westchester recover my files, folders and pictures?

A: If the hard drive is not corrupted, our company can recover the data lost within the same hard drive.

Q: I have accidentally deleted a file that I need. can PC doctor recover it?

A: We can restore back to the desktop the file, folders and pictures that were accidentally delted by the user. It usually takes a couple of days.

Q: My Mac is very slow: what can you do to make it go faster?

A: Although the speed of a computer depends on several factors, for a MAC computer we normally suggest to increase its memory storage and to clean it thoroughly.

Q: How our Kids can play safe online?

A: Kids love computers ! There are, however, some good tips to safeguard them from viruses and other malicious websites. Please contact us to know how we can help your household get the most for all its users, no matter what age they have.

Q: Do you build computers?

A: Building customized computers is our passion. We love to create powerful machines that can handle almost anything you through at them. We can assemble any type of hardware and make a computer tailored to your needs.

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