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Cleaning Up Data from Your Computer

   Nowadays most of the users know how to clean up their computers; they run software to accomplish that task and they feel confident that they have done a good job. However, only few people know that the programs installed in our pc create data and metadata. In a nutshell, a software does not only create a document, a workbook or a spreadsheet; it also creates temporary files.

Temporary files are intended to be – as the word implies – temporary. They are intended by their creators to store data for a short time and then be deleted. Most of the times, however, they become permanent resident in the hard drive sitting quietly and making our storage smaller and smaller.

To clean up a Windows computer from a temporary folder, it will be enough to run the built-in utility called “Disk Cleanup Tool”. This tool is a good resource if we want to reclaim some hard drive space. Coupled with the defragmenting option located next to it, it can spring clean your hard drive “C:” without the need of installing a thrid party software.

If users don’t want to be bothered with these tasks, Pc Doctor recommends to install at least a 2 TB internal hard drive. If you have a 1 TB hard drive you can clone the 1 TB to a 2 TB hard drive and swapping it in your machine. The opposite will not be possible, though: you cannot clone a 2 TB to a 1 TB hard disk; only from small to big is allowed.

Your computer does not store only temporary files, but it also hides duplicate files. In this case, to get rid of them it will be better to use a third party software since Windows does not have a built-in duplicate files removal utility. Before proceeding with the discovery and removal of the files, make sure that you have a recent back up in place.

Even files that are not hidden but heavy can be archived to an external hard drive to make room in your desktop. Think about video files that you are not using anymore or the back up of your phone. These files can be several Gigabites in size and can easily clog your hard drive. Better to remove them from the computer if you don’t need them anymore.

If you also want to be better organized with your files and do not have so much room in neither your internal hard drive or the external one, you can partition your hard drive into 2 internal hard disks and you can use the second to store your data and files. This technique is used by the majority of the computer manufacturers companies when they ship their computer systems to the retail stores.