Until 2016 we all have been living with the idea that only Windows computers could be infected and that Macs were resilient to viruses.

Nothing is more fake, unfortunately; with the rise in popularity of Macs, hackers code malicious software and try to get into Mac computers as well.

It is sad to see that, after having spent a considerable amount of money, Mac can stop working because of infections.

At first infections are affecting your mac via browser extensions. Safari and Chrome are not immune from having bad extensions in their extensions stores, although recently Google and Apple have been cracking down on malicious apps and extensions.

As Macs are getting more and more popular, PC Doctor Westchester first recommends to keep your machine always up to date with the latest operating system. Once the system is upgraded and up to date, you may want to consider to do a thorough cleanup with the following tools:

– App Cleaner

App cleaner is a very helpful tool because it removes the unnecessary apps on your MAC and makes room in your hard disk. Its use is really straightforward: just drag the apps you need to remove into App Cleaner and the software will take care of getting rid of them.
What is very good about this product is that it removes not only the app, but also the files linked to the software to be removed. When you see it in action, you will realize that dragging an app to the recycle bin does not really get rid of it; you need app cleaner to remove the leftover of that app. Reboot the computer after having removed the unwanted programs.

– Malware Bytes for MAC

Every computer, no matter if it runs a Windows or a Mac operating system should run malware bytes. The company last year began producing the software version for mac as it saw an increase in infections on mac computers. The beauty of this product is that the mac version scans the computer in few seconds and remove the adware infections that has attacked your browser. Very recently we were contacted by a customer whose Outlook could not send very small pictures in size as attachments and it turned out that Malware bytes for Mac found a couple of infections and got rid of them. After having rebooted the computer was able to send attachments with outlook. It is also a good practice to scan with this product once a month just to prevent malware to stick in your machine.

– Mac Cleaner

Mac cleaner is a very good product that removes all the unnecessary files from your computer and frees up a lot of space in your hard drive. It has more features that App Cleaner: for example, it removes the language files that are part of the file system and that mac users will never get to use. It is a paid product that we highly recommend if you are serious about making extra room in your hard drive.

– Onyx

If you have an old Mac that still runs 10.06,10.07 or 10.08 you may need o use Onyx. Onyx is a set of tools that allows to clean the browser cache, repair permissions and get rid of junk files on your mac. The software has a lot of features and is highly recommended for those who own old macs and want to get rid of bloatware on their computers.
As a general rule, we also recommend to download apps only from the app store; Apple does not have control on third party sites that create and sell apps. Nobody can know if apps downloaded from websites are good or bad for your machine. The best way to find out is to change habit by downloading the software for your mac directly from the Apple Store.