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Caveat Emptor: Tips Before Buying a New Computer


Our computers soon or later will show their end of life cycle and will die out. The main reasons why a computer stops working are electrical shocks from storms, hard drive failure and motherboard failure. If we have not backed up our machine, a IT professioanl will be able to recover the data for you.

When it is time to get a new computer, please make the following considerations:


Did your computer habits recently change? Did you become a web designer or a video editor? If you did not become any of the above and remain an average computer user who browses the Internet and check emails, you may probably be ok with a Core i5 processor or an AMD FX Quad Core processor. You don’t need all that power if you don’t use it.


Today traditional hard drives are less expensive than Solid State Drives and if you don’t need to store a lot of documents and songs, a 1TB hard drive will be more than enough. In fact solid state drives cost a lot because they can provide a faster boot time, but if you really don’t need a lot of storage, save the money and get an external hard drive that you may want to use for regular backups of your files.


One of the main speed factor in a computer is its amount of memory. The more memory a computer has, the faster it is, given that its latency is low. The lower the latency number, the more responsive the memory will be. In a normal scenario, a computer comes with 8 GB of DDR3 memory, but if you need to exploit all the motherboard memory capacity, go for 16 GB. With 16 GB the computer will acquire a 20% speed and more stability in case you are using your machine for multitasking and to handle other virtual environments.


If someone wants to sell you a video card claiming that with it you will se better in your screen and your computer will be faster, that is a stupid assumption. if you are a normal user and your computer already comes with an embedded video card, you will be fine with what came from the factory. However, if you have a high end processor, such as a Core I7, and more memory, you may think about doing an upgrade and install a video card that should be at least a 1 GB DDR5 one.


There is one thing that is mandatory for a computer user and that does not fluctuate with the computer performance and parts: the salvage of data. All computers are prone to failure and regular backups will avoid disasters and data loss. Once you have purchased and configured your computer, you should prioritize regular data backups to an external hard disk or to a private cloud server.