Have you ever asked yourself why, after having bought a new computer, you can’t open any file or you can’t even go on the Internet?

We have recently serviced a customer coming from Hastings on Hudson who reported that his computer was malfunctioning and could not even go online. At the moment of dropping it off, client said that there were various viruses inside.

When we have asked him how long ago the customer purchased the laptop, he said that he bought it a few months ago and he almost never used it. That explanation sounded strange and prompted further investigation.

Here Is How We Fixed His Computer

1) We first turned on the machine and saw that the computer had Windows 8.1 installed. Not bad, but the computer really looked so new that the fist thing we did was to download the Windows updates. The updates were turned off; we turned on Windows update in automatic mode by going into services.msc and turning on wuauserv, which is the code name for the Windows Update Services. After having turned on Windows update and asked the computer to download them, there were 2 years worth updates!

Basically, after that the computer was purchased, it was never updated.

2) We uninstalled Mac Afee trial version because it was expired and caused a malfunction on the Wireless card as well. After having rebooted the computer, we went through all the updates which took 6 hours and then we installed Avira antivirus, which is a good and reliable product.

3) We installed Chrome as it is more secure and made it the default browser. Microsoft will not support anymore Internet Explorer because the company is turning its efforts towards developing Microsoft Edge which runs on Windows 10.

4) We scanned the computer with Malware Bytes and found no infections, which is what we thought because the computer did not show signs of being infected, but it just looked a little bit slow and “rusty”.

5) We Went online with Chrome and checked YouTube and other US popular websites and found no issues in opening and displaying the pages on the browser.

6) Checked if HP assistant needed to download other drivers and there were a couple of drivers to install but overall the system is now completely up to date.

Now all users have to know that when they buy a new computer, no matter if it is a Windows or a Mac, the first thing that they have to do is to update the computer operating system to the latest updates. After having done that, they can install, update or remove the programs they need and make their machine a more personalized experience.