Macs are solid computers but users still have hard time understanding that macs need to be updated and upgraded like a Windows computer. When we visit and service macs in Westchester we see that their owners still believe that:

– Their macs do not need to be up to date with the last version of OSX
– Their macs do not catch viruses

And guess what? These people are the users who call for IT support because their macs have become sluggish or are unable to open files and programs.
If you want to upgrade your mac and tune it up by yourself, here is what you need to do:

– Check first the version of the OSX on your mac: if you stlil have 10.6 your computer is still computing backwards and will not be able to do anything except upgrading to 10.12, also known as Sierra

– If you have at least 10.08 you should upgrade to 10.12, but first you may want to see if you have viruses or junk programs;

1) use Malware bytes for mac to clean your machine from adware

2) use App Cleaner to get rid of bad programs like Mac Keeper, which is a virus

– Once you have cleaned up your mac from potential infections and bloatware, it is time to back up all your files and folders using Time Machine. Connect an external hard drive of at least 1tb space to your computer via USB and begin the back up of your mac.

– After that you are sure that all your files are stored properly into the external hard drive, you can begin the upgrade of your mac from 10.6 to 10.12. The process is long and requires a couple of hours because the Apple store first downloads the new OS and then installs it on your machine. The computer may reboot several times: just be patient and let the system do its job.

– You will be greeted by a welcome screen and you can continue manually to set up the new operating system with your credentials, such as Icloud and other features like Siri.

After that the upgrade is over, you need to check manually every program you run on your mac. For example, if you have an older version of Microsoft Office, it may not work anymore. But you do not have to worry because your files are still there: what you really need is to buy Office 365 for 99 dollrs a year which allows you to run the latest version of Office on 5 devices.

Other programs may run but under a different name: check for example Iphoto that may have been moved to Photo, the new application mac uses to store and display pictures on your machine. Make also sure that you can open your browsers: Safari will be automatically updated by the new operating system, but for Chrome and Firefox, you should be able to upgrade them once you will be prompted to do so. If you are not prompted, the software are presumably up to date.

You now have almost a new mac, but it has been hard and time consuming to run this upgrade because it has been a leap from 10.6 or 10.08 to 10.12. As Apple releases a new operating system every year in November, you should schedule the upgrade to the new system at the beginning of January of each year so that the operating system running on your computer are always fresh and your programs will be up to date as well.